The Minister of  Information , Ms. Judith Nabakooba has called upon her fellow national leaders to be  champions of  peace during the forthcoming 2021 general elections.

Echoing President Yoweri Museveni ‘s call for peaceful elections , Nabakooba  noted that the pursuit of personal gain pushes politicians and their supporters  to extreme forms of violence whenever they  are defeated in an election.

She called upon the contestants in the special interest groups  elections to behave responsibly . ”Elections at the national level are continuing and tomorrow People with Disabilities are electing their representatives at the sub county level while on Wednesday it will be the youth still at the sub county level.

All Special Interest Groups under these categories are  called upon to mobilise their members to participate. Every adult Ugandan has a right to exercise their freedom to vote for a person of their choice without any fear or intimidation,” Nabakooba said.

Briefing the country about the Covid -19 pandemic , the Information Minister said that as of yesterday, the country had registered 326 new cases bringing  the total to 4,703 cases. “Kampala district and Buikwe continue to lead in new infections. The number of deaths is now at 52 and still growing. These figures are on the high side and we all should be very concerned.

“Let us continue working for peace by saying no to any form of violence. Let us continue observing the guidance in place by the Ministry of Health and His Excellency the President concerning COVID-19. Do not forget to wear your mask all the time when going out in public. “

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