Minister Nabakooba calls upon the  youth to plant trees and  conserve the environment

Lands Minister, Judith Nabakooba has called upon the youth to plant trees and conserve the environment as a means of  mitigating the effects and challenges of climate change being witnessed across the global.

Nabakooba was officiating at the  closure of the four-day Jinja Diocesan Youths conference 2023 at St Anne Vocational Secondary School in Busowa Catholic Parish, Bugiri district.

The Minister  also cautioned the youths against land fragmentation which leads to family conflicts .

“The president has always told us not to split family land because it results into conflicts. He instead encourages us to utilise the land as a family, which is not only good for the  unit of the family unit  but also helps to increase production and household incomes ,” she said.

The minister advised these youths to tap into government programmes such as Emyooga

and Parish Development Model (PDM) to get more funds that can help them elevate their living standards.

“Utilise the opportunity of government programs now like PDM where youth were also considered. You can use that money and do something for yourselves. You receive money and use it for two years without any pressure of paying back. And then you starting paying in the third year,” she advised.

She also encouraged youths to live exemplary lives and teach the young generation who will fall under their footsteps.

“Be disciplined and listen to every person’s advice. Discipline is seen through a lot of things, ranging from how you dress, how you talk and behave in public,” she urged.

Mr Joseph Kayongo, the President of the Youth Conference said they formed a SACCO as the catholic youths of Jinja where they contribute savings . “We have so far saved about Ug.Shs.9 million and very soon we are going to start lending money to the members,” he said.

Kayongo explained that through their association, they impart vocational skills to their members . “We skill the youth  in soap  shampoo, petroleum products  making among others.”

The conference was closed with a mass led by Msgr. Rev. Fr. Paul Musana, the Vicar General who represented Rt. Rev. Charles Martin Wamika, the Bishop of Jinja Diocese. He called upon youths to create inter-personal relationship and have faith in God 

“Do not lose hope just because you don’t have a job today, God’s timing is always the best. Pray and increase your faith because you never know the person you have met today can be your connection to your next job,” he said.

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