The Minister  of Information and National Guidance , Ms. Judith Nabakooba has reiterated that government will account for all Ugandans who have been arrested in what many say is a return to the panda-gali security operations of the 80s. Hundreds of people have been reported missing after they were arrested by security operatives usually driving vans (drones) without number plates .

Following the public out cry , President Yoweri Museveni addressed the nation on   Saturday and directed security agencies to release the names of all the people who were are arrested and are still in detention .

Nabakooba in her weekly media briefing explained that prior to the period leading to the just concluded elections, security forces carried out a number of arrests. “This followed intelligence reports about planned activities that were going to cause chaos during and after the elections.

President Yoweri Museveni has now instructed the Police and all other agencies to provide a detailed update about all those who were arrested,” she stated

Nabakooba said that a detailed update from the security agencies will enable the country to get a detailed account of who was arrested and for what reason. “  This will put to rest some of the rumors and fake news that had started to emerge regarding some of the arrested individuals,” she stated adding that  arrested persons have been treated well.”

However, relatives of some of the arrested people claimed that they were tortured while in detention and some have since been driven and dumped in various places across the country . Nabakooba called upon the public to  to report to the authorities cases of suspected torture .

”Government of Uganda does not encourage or support torture or any form of violence against anyone. Security officials who use torture against suspects are against the law and are liable for  individual prosecution,” she stressed.

About wealth creation , Nabakooba urged the youth to urgently embrace the available economic  opportunities.  “Some of the resources like Emyoga, youth livelihood funds and others may require the beneficiaries organize themselves in groups or SACCOS. It is the duty of district and subcounty officials to ensure that their communities are well sensitized and mobilized to access these funds,” the Minister added .

Museveni said that government through operation wealth creation has a target to reach  3 million households per year.

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