Good or Bad News?

Uganda to get Wonder Injection that Prevents HIV Infection in 6 moths’ time .

Although Uganda’s reckless fellows will soon be able to enjoy uninhibited sex minus barrier protection with any stranger without caring about their sero status, the approval of Apretude by America’s Food and Drug Administration FDA should be welcomed by everyone including the most pious religious conservative as the scientists’ New Year gift to humanity.

FDA approved the “Cabotegravir extended-release injectable suspension”, or simply Apretude, a week or so before Christmas after confirming that it is highly effective in preventing the transmission of HIV to a person who has been immunized with it.

Apretude’s long-term Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) capability will now enable discordant couples and other persons at high risk of contracting HIV like sex workers and women in polygamous marriages among others to enjoy conjugal rights without barrier methods (condoms).

Of course it is qualified medical professionals who can administer Apretude, which is an injectable containing an extended-release formulation of cabotegravir, an HIV integrase strand transfer inhibitor. Although ideally intended for adults, it is also recommended for all at risk adolescents who have attained a body weight of 35 kilogrammes.

The ‘wonder injection’ is expected to be available as early as January 2022, but authorities expect it to have reached all targeted corners of the world in six months’ time. Uganda, which has been part of the research and trials, is expected to be among the first countries to get the Apretude vaccine. 

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