Government has set January 2021 as the deadlinefor phasing out of all old passports which are to be replaced by the East Afrcan E-passport. this means that old passport holders have only five months to comply .

The Spokesman of the Directorate of citizenship and Immigration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. Jacob Shems Siminyu has called upon Ugandans to apply for their new E-passports online and early enough to avoid possible last minute inconveniences.

Ordinary passports of 48 pages cost Ugshs. 250,000,, service (64 pages) UGshs.400,000, diplomatic (64 pages) UG.shs.500,000

express processing service an additional Ugshs. 150,000. For one to get a passport express service takes three working days while a normal one takes 10 working days.

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