American investor Stark Hughes to set up a skills development center for Ugandan women

By Our Reporter

American investor ,Lisa Stark Hughes has expressed interest to invest in a skills development center  to training Ugandan women in financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.

Lisa is in the two for the second time  to explore more investment  opportunities after her first trip in 2020 . She has met third Deputy Prime Minister, Lukia Isanga Nakadama.

During the meeting held at  the Office of the Prime Minister Lisa said that her desire to invest in Uganda is largely due  President Museveni commitment to offer investors a conducive environment for their  investments .

“Unlike many politicians, it is obvious that President Museveni  is looking at the bigger picture and wanting to create lasting change here in Uganda. President Museveni’s focus on skilling and opportunity is available for any Ugandan citizen that is desirous to improve their lives,” Lisa said.

“It is so touching to see a president that is so saddened by the trouble and hardship that his citizens have when they go outside of Uganda to find work. The Ugandan president works so hard to find ways to keep them safe. I understand why he feels the most desirable answer is to create opportunities here at home in Uganda.

“It is important that we create programs that work for the unique and wonderful culture here in Uganda. Uganda has a wonderful culture and heritage; it is important that it is held sacred as progress happens.”

She said  that being self-employed is an honorable and empowering profession that creates endless opportunities for growth especially for women who get time to also look after their  children and have a lasting and loving impact on generations to come.”

The Deputy Prime Minister said that women are at the heart of every family in Uganda and that it is important that women are skilled and able to help support their family.

“Often women have received university degrees or skilling certificates but are unable to find employment and they end up working for others in their field. They often find themselves taking employment in an area that is not their dream or their preference. This skilling center plans on providing not only vocational skills, but also financial literacy and startup capital planning,” Nakadama explained .

Through Lisa’s program, women will receive skilling, business entrepreneurship training, financial literacy training and have the start up capital needed to begin their own business.

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