It has been a bad year due to the Covid -19 pandemic and in an added effort to stem the spread of the deadly virus government will not allow fireworks on new year’s day , the Minister of Information and National Guidance, Ms. Judith Nabakooba has announced. The measures have been triggered by the increase in the number of registered Covid 19 cases and death across the country.

At least 248 Ugandans are dead and another 33,811 of coronavirus cases have been registered since the pandemic was first reported in the country .

“Police will not give permission for Fireworks during the new year’s day celebrations . Fireworks are usually accompanied by people staying up late and gathering around a particular place. This gathering and funfair increases the risk of spreading COVID-19.

” All other public end of year festivities such as concerts, overnight prayers, discotheques are not allowed. All other existing SOPs such as curfew hours, traffic rules remain in place and will be enforced by police,” Nabakooba said during her weekly national media briefing.

The Minister also urged Ugandans to reflecting about their preferred presidential and other national leaders including MPs for the January 14th 2021 general elections. ” Let Ugandans choose a leader who will be able to sustain and continue with the progress that the country has registered over the years,” she said while reminding the country that the Electoral Commission has suspended campaign activities in some districts. Kampala, Jinja, Kabarole, Masaka, Kazo, Kabale, Greater Mukono, Wakiso, Tororo, Luwero, Mbarara, Kalungu and Kasese.

The districts of Kampala, Wakiso, Masaka have flagged as super spreaders of Covid 19. ” Given the nature of campaigns with some candidates failing to adhere to the SOPs, cancelling campaign activities is going to save lives. The risk of catching COVID-19 in these areas is simply so high. Let us support the Electoral Commission in its efforts to deliver a free and fair election,” she stated .

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