Daring, Elderly Nurse Disarms Armed Robbers in Kasokoso

Two armed thugs who attacked a 65-year old nurse in her clinic at Kasokoso on the eastern outskirts of Kampala city on Sunday night got a surprise of their life. Armed with a loaded pistol, they expected to execute a quick grab from their helpless victim and if she tried to resist, overpowering her and killing her wouldn’t be a big deal. Or so they thought.

The robbers entered the clinic that was virtually deserted on Sunday night at 9.00pm, and one who feigned illness was clinging onto his coat like a shivering patient would. Kindly, Nurse Teddy led them to the examination room.

Once inside the examination room, Nurse Teddy started preparing to take blood off the man in the coat. But opening his coat, the thug pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the nurse, ordering her to surrender all the money in the clinic if she wanted to keep her life.

Narrating the movie-like episode to the media on Monday, national police spokesman Fred Enanga said Nurse Teddy surprised the thugs by ignoring their order and swiftly snatching the pistol from the thug and raising the alarm.

Taken by surprise, the thugs on hearing the neighbours opening doors and preparing to come to the rescue just bolted and ran for their lives. Police recovered the gun which the nurse grabbed from the thugs and has taken it to its laboratory for the tracing process, which will establish if it belonged to the forces or is one of those that enter the country from its unstable neighbours.

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