Archbishop’s Last Message to the Government Read Posthumously

The Easter sermon that the fallen Kampala Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga prepared on Good Friday has been read by Monsignor Charles Kasibante has been read to the congregation at Lubaga Cathedral on Easter Sunday. In the sermon, the departed Lwanga implores  the government to treat all citizens equally and tasks the authorities to stop the abductions of you young people. 

The posthumous message reads:
“As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we call for the unconditional release of many young people who are being held in various detention centres without being taken to court.  
“In case they committed crimes, let those holding them follow the constitution and take them to court to stand trial. “Detaining, torturing, denying them a fair hearing only breeds bitterness and anger and does serious damage to the cause of human fraternity.

“Let us come together and soberly consider the reasons behind the restlessness, the grievances of our young people, and advance lasting solutions to the issues they they are raising for the good of society.”

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