Lands Minister Judith Nabakooba has expressed government’s gratitude towards the development  work of the Catholic Church which she said is empowering the communities to lead better lives.

Speaking  at  Buyambi Catholic Church during the church fundraing  dubbed Yoyota Buyambi -Nabakooba  said that apart from the spiritual uplifting  and counseling  the churche has been  instrumental in fighting poverty through wealth creation.

“As government of Uganda we are very happy with the Catholic Church and we recognize the tremendous work being done to build our communities. The Church is also very active in providing support in the education and  health  sectors among other ,” the Minister noted .

Nabakooba thanked Kiyinda Mityana for the caritas program that extends credit to the  community members in line with  government core programs for  poverty alleviation. 

“We thank the Catholic Church for Caritas. The program does only give credit to the faithful but has  been supporting vulnerable families especially elderly with houses. Through the program the church given out cows, pigs and poultry to households and communities for development,” she stated .

Nabakooba was in Mityana to represent the Vice President, Jessica Alupo at the event . In a message delivered for her  by Nabakooba, the Vice President Alupo urged the residents of Mityana to take advantage of  government development  programs to foster  wealth creation , economic  growth and general development in their area.

“As government we are actively promoting the Parish Development Model. This is a new approach meant to bring money directly to the people. I want to encourage everyone present here to ensure that you are well organized to benefit from this initiative,” Alupo stated .

The Vice President asked the residents to reach out to their local councils and demand for information about the Parish Development Model and how they can benefit from it. 

Alupo also pledged Shs10 million shillings to help support the development efforts of Buyambi Catholic Church.

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