In an unprecedented move in recent times in a strongly worded statement African Ambassadors in Beijing have protested with consternations the discrimination and stigmatization of Africans who are subjected to crude treatment by the Chinese authorities following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that has claimed thousands of Chinese.

“ The Ambassadors observe with consternations the  discrimination and stigmatization of  Africans whereby they are made to forcefully and in a very crude manner undergo epidemic investigation and nucleic acid tests, 14 days quarantine even if they had not traveled outside their jurisdictions ,not come into contact with infected persons or showing any symptoms of the COVID-19,”  they protested.

The group underscored the fact that Africans in China have at all times adhered  to the laws of China and there are no cases where Africans have violated the anti pandemic laws and regulations set in motion by the Chinese government.

“Therefore, the singling out of Africans for compulsory testing and quarantine, in our view has no scientific or logical basis and amounts  to racism towards Africans in China,” the statement  which is addressed to the  Minister of Foreign Affairs of  the People’s Republic of China and copied to the Chairman of the   African Union and all African Ministers of Foreign Affairs says.

Last week ,several Ugandan nationals in china cried out to the Ugandan government to intervene after many of them were thrown out of their apartments, locked out of supermarkets and cannot travel by public means for fear of being subjected to racial and physical attacks.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sam Kutesa has since summoned the China’s Ambassador in Kampala and expressed government’s concerns about the attacks and general wellbeing of its nationals across China.

The African Ambassadors in China has demanded for the immediate cessation of forceful testing, quarantine and other inhuman treatments meted out to Africans in Guangdong province in particular and the whole of  China and also demanded that Africans are treated the same as Chinese and other nationals in the fight against COVID-19.

The Ambassadors also took the opportunity to remind the Chinese government about the possible backlash against Chinese nationals in Africa due to the obvious human rights violations of Africans in China.

It should be recalled that until the outbreak of Covid-19 there has been excellent foreign relations between African governments and China to the extent that  Africa a political bloc supported China to secure a permanent seat  at the United Nations Security Council.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) which has come under increasing criticism for its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has warned governments against the quick lifting of lockdowns in the fight against Covid- 19.

The lifting of coronavirus restrictions too early could cause a dangerous second wave of infections. The body in charge of leading the global health responses has advised countries  to be wary about ending their lockdowns too soon despite the fact that economies will suffer in the long run.

Uganda has been under lockdown and a 14 day curfew was imposed by government led by President Yoweri Museveni to contain the spread of the virus and the measures have been praised for stemming the pandemic locally so far . The curfew is slated to expire on Wednesday but cabinet will convene on April 13 under the chairmanship of Museveni to make some tough decisions on whether to lift or extend the lockdown together with the curfew ,

With neighboring countries Kenya, Rwanda and DR Congo still registering new infections and deaths due to the Covid-19 ,health and security experts have hinted that it is most likely that government will extend the lock down by at least another two weeks .

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