88 New Magistrates Undergoing Training To Ensure Timely Delivery Of Justice

A two-week Induction and training for 88 newly recruited Magistrates Grade I is underway at Colline Hotel, Mukono. The induction was opened by Deputy Justice Richard Buteera.

The magistrates Grade I are being skilled about the judicial service best practices to deliver justice to the Ugandan people in a timely unbiased manner .Deputy Chief Justice Buteera told the magistrates to use their knowledge, skills and talents to deliver “justice needs of our people whose cries for justice and freedom are ever growing.”

Buteera urged the magistrates to take the induction seriously because it will help them to appreciate the judicial best practices that include among others ethics, values and the traditions of the offices they are going to occupy. 

“There will always be challenges but we should be on the side of solution–givers and not problem-identifiers,” he added

Buteera encouraged the new recruits to embrace Judiciary’s new strategies to reduce case backlog by allowing mediation, plea-bargain, small claims procedure, diversion of cases for juvenile offenders, arbitration and reconciliation among others.

The Chairperson of the Governing Council Judicial Training Institute who organised the induction, Justice Mike Chibita, explained that the training will enhance service delivery by refreshing the knowledge and capacity of the new judicial officers .

Chibita warned that the Judiciary has no room for lack of integrity and laziness. He emphasised the elements of the training to understand adjudication, management, best practices, and judgment writing.

Justice Chibita thanked JTI for offering the training that will allow the participants to interact with the facilitators to share experiences and acquire a better understanding of the role of a judicial officer in the administration of justice .

Lady Justice Damalie N. Lwanga said the induction was organized by JTI in line with its mission to offer specialized and ongoing training in the Judiciary that serves as a valuable opportunity for those working in the field to gain insights and consult on challenging areas they may encounter.

She further expressed gratitude to the Judiciary Top Management for providing the necessary funds to make the workshop and induction possible.

Among the facilitators Include, Faisal Mulalira (Acting Deputy Registrar JTI), Patricia Amoko (Private Legal Secretary to the Chief Registrar), and Gakyaro Mpirwe Allan (Personal Assistant to DCJ) among others.


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