Unanswered Questions about Nabagereka’s Twins

After Nabagereka Sylvia Naginda Luswata’s using her upcoming book to disclose her having twin daughters hitherto unknown to the general public startled Buganda elders and the kingdom chief midwife, they consulted the relevant palace authority, Omutaka Kasujju Lubinga who has the last word on the Kabaka’s children.

But Kasujju Lubinga has raised more questions than he has answered for what he did was to leave no doubt that the children are not the Kabaka’s.

The inconclusive yet publicised response now makes it imperative for a higher authority to clear the air so that the Kabaka’s over ten million subjects can get on with their lives without undue anxiety.

Now that the twins have been thrust into the public’s attention without a clear explanation, it may require no less a personality than the Katikkiro to accord the kingdom subjects the curtesy of a statement to provide answers to questions that include:

1.Who is the twins’ father?

2.If their father is a Muganda, what is his/their clan? (Only the Kabaka takes the mother’s clan.)

3.Were they officially adopted or is the Nabagereka raising them as a guardian? (Both possibilities are honourable and commendable actions.)

4.What were the circumstances of their birth?

5.Were they baptized or will they chose their faith themselves?

6.Were they informed about their birth status, and were they prepared before the queen went public about them?

7.How many (other) such children are there in the Kabaka’s family?

8.Is the Kabaka encouraging his subjects to buy the book?

9.Going forward, what are the guidelines on the clan of a Muganda child adopted by a Muganda? (If they exist, can they be re-stated as many may not be aware of them!) 

As a citizen, the Nabagereka is entitled to her privacy. But once she chooses to put in the public domain her life story, the public becomes entitled to clarifications on matters that are not clear in the story she tells.

The Buganda kingdom, like other monarchies, is characterized by secrecy. Once a top personality in the monarchy decides to publicize something, they need to provide enough clarity so as not to cause undue speculation. 


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