Millions have been raised  for a former  Makerere University  guild President ,

Stephen Renny Galogitho, who has lived in squalor and disease after he was dismissed from the University while a  5th year student of medicine  24 years ago.

Galogitho (51) was  the Makerere University  Guild President in 1995-96.   When government wanted to introduce cost sharing in higher institutions of learning and abolish free university education for the best students in the country in 1996,  Galogitho led his fellow students  to  vehemently oppose the new measures which were consequently abandoned .  As  a result  Galogitho  was expelled from the university and did not complete his degree in medicine despite the fact that he was a final year student.

His former classmates  say that from 1996 Galogitho  disappeared into the underbelly of Tororo and other Eastern Uganda towns to a life of menial existence.  But as luck would have it , recently, a group of  Makerere alumni and other well wishers launched a harambee -campaign to “redress the injustice Galogitho has suffered by restoring his life.”

Spearheaded by Daniel Balaba, is co-coordinating the campaign from all over the world, they intend to build a house  for Galogitho, clear his debts, assist in the education of his children (fees already cleared for two kids in candidates class), and set him up with an income generating project and eventually turn his experience into a force of good for humanity. At 51, Galogitho still has a lot to give.

Others on the harambee team include , Dr Joy Kyeyune, Rev Fr Dr Alex Ojacor, Fr Fred Jenga, James Mugeni (USA Coordinator), Emmanuel Mudali  and Augustino Neto.

They say that the  campaign has immediate, medium and long term plans to ‘restore’-Galogitho.” It is a way of giving back to a man who gave away his future to fight for others to benefit from the same opportunities he had at MUK,” they stated .

You can follow the campaign on Facebook where you get a detailed document of the restoration plan and a regular update of pledges and accountability of money spent through this link .


Stephen Renny Galogitho,has never begged nor asked for help. The harambee is his supporters  initiative.


Stephen Renny Galogitho,has never begged nor asked for help. The harambee is his supporters  initiative.

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