To hell with Mivumba :Museveni Bans Importation Of Used Clothes

In his concerted effort to promote “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” (BUBU) national policy, President Yoweri Museveni has banned the importation of second hand clothes also locally known as mivumba .

Museveni said the continued importation of second clothes- used clothing stifles the development of local textile industries. Some of these used clothes are for dead people. When a White person dies, they gather their clothes and send them to Africa,” Museveni complained .

“We have people here who produce new clothes but they cannot infiltrate the market because of the low proced second hand items ,” Museveni stated

President Museveni was commissioning 16 factories at Sino Uganda-Mbale Industrial Park in Mbale City. He also presided over the ground-breaking for the construction of another 9 factories in the same industrial park.

Museveni said the ban would also extend to electricity meters and electric cables, saying they should be bought from factories in Uganda.


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