Sudanese  demonstrators take their protest  to the  UN headquarters in Geneva

October 22nd 2022

A coalition of European ,international and Sudanese human rights organisations gathered on October 22nd 2022 in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva to Commemorate the victims of October 25th 2021 coup killed savagely by the military regime of Al Burhan while protesting peacefully for more equal rights and Freedoms.

The gathering aims also at questioning the decision of appointing Sudan as a member of UN Human Rights Council with the current regime in power and calling for a UN rapporteur to investigate and prosecute the crimes committed against civilians by the military regime of Burhan.

The ceremony was marked by the presence of Suiss deputy at Geneva parliament and human rights expert Ms Joëlle Fiss who showed solidarity with the Sudanese people mainly women victims of physical and sexual abuse as well as minorities by saying -“Stop the Islamist coup in Sudan!”  Today,Sudan has to move to a democratic transition through a civilian government.  But a year ago, a coup d’etat left the population in disarray.”

Manel Msalmi, President of the European Association for The Defense of Minorities and international affairs advisor mentioned that ,”It is very frustrating for human rights and women’s rights activists in general to see Sudan elected as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council with  Al Burhan regime in power.

This is particularly upsetting in the light of the human rights violations that have been committed against protesters one year after the coup that led to the death of Sudanese civilians. We have an obligation to make sure that the objectives of the Revolution of Dignity are accomplished and that individual freedoms and free speech are safeguarded.

The EU works closely with The UN to ensure the Democratic and peaceful transition of the country.In January 2022 ,the European Parliament issued a resolution condemning the coup in Sudan which should respect the EU and international human rights charter to be recognized as a member of UN Human Rights Council,” Manel Msalmi stated .

Andy Vermaut, president of world Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue and one of Belgium’s most famous human rights defenders highlighted that “Around here in front of the broken chair, we believe strongly in the concept of a universal human community and that we should work to repair the broken chair of the world, a process of a lifetime for everybody around us.

Now that we’ve arrived at the heart of the international human rights system, all these smart people have a great opportunity to tackle some of the world’s most important challenges. Abdel Fattah al-rule Burhan’s in Sudan has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people; it is only just that Sudan should be removed from the Human Rights Council’s governing board. Because Al Burhan is in control, Sudan should not have been able to join the Human Rights Council’s board, because we are violation the principles of the human rights  body itself.  Burhan does not care about peaceful coexistence, the benefit of his nation and its people, or partnership in achieving harmony.

Truth, Justice and Equality for Sudan. Al-Bashir and Al-Burhan are both criminal leaders. We demand an end to Al Burhan’s tyranny, we demand fair treatment for the people of Sudan, we demand Justice and Security for Sudan, We want to Stop Al Burhan, Free Sudan now “

The Sudanese diaspora in Europe represented by the Sudanese Association in Switzerland community in Belgium as well as the Sudanese coalition expressed their gratitude towards the European and international organizations who supported them .

The Sudanese Association in Switzerland represented by two speakers Mr Abu Bakr Harun and Mrs Nemat Khairi stressed the fact that “On October 25, 2022, the junta’s coup d’état will complete its first year. This coup d ‘état, has caused a total abortion of the democratic civilian transition in our country, and cost our people a high price.

 They have provided hundreds of martyrs, thousands of wounded, missing, tens of thousands of detainees, and millions of displaced people inside and outside our country in displacement camps and migrants.

The putschists claim that they came to reposition the course. However, the streets of our country’s cities and villages witnessed a brutal suppression led to the loss of the lives of 118 martyrs, thousands of wounded, thousands of detainees. All these sacrifices have testified that the repositioning of the course which alleged by the putschists, is an attempt to return to the dictatorship of the entire Islamic regime, protecting the interests of parasitic capitalism and supportive regional forces which aligned with the currently ruling junta.”

Mohamed Hirika from the Sudanese community in Belgium thanked all the participants in this commemoration ceremony and  stressed the fact that “We want the army to leave power without a coup, we want democracy with a civilian prime minister.  We wish the support of the international community and its public opinion, we thank you again for your support .”

Some students organisations from Geneva institute joined the rally in solidarity with the Sudanese students who were arbitrarily arrested during their Sit -in .Nearly more than 70  students were in front of the UN Geneva headquarters together with the Sudanese diaspora in Europe and the European and international organizations to call for free and fair elections in Sudan with a peaceful and democratic transition as well as the appointing of a UN rapporteur in Sudan .A letter signed by the human rights organisations was addressed to the President of the UN Human Rights Council in this respect .

Manel Msalmi

UN Geneva

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