Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has announced a second country -wide total lockdown following a spike in the Covid -19 cases and recorded deaths. The country will remain in a lockdown for at least 42 days .

The measure Museveni explained is intended to urgently interrupt  community transmission to cushion the health system, sustain people’s economic lives and save lives using previously used containment methods .

Government will aim at reducing the speed and the intensity of transmission to within the next 42 days so that number of new cases is less than the available bed and oxygen capacity in the country  .

Museveni said they will be  increased oxygen supply to all COVID-19 treatment health facilities and optimize the available care capacity so that it can adequately handle current and new cases over the next 42 days .

He also announced that Uganda had received another 175,200 doses from the French government and an additional 688,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will be in the country in early August. “I have directed that these doses be prioritized to give second dose to those who have already got their first dose,” he added.

But Museveni banned all cross-boundary district and intra-district movement of public transport, and by private vehicles, or boda-bodas for the next 42 days  and told the people to stay where they are .

Highlights of Museveni’s measures to stem the spread of the global –novel –Covid-19 pandemic

*1. Cross border boundaries and inter district public and private transport banned for 42 days. Emergency, UPDF, Police and Essential Workers’ Vehicles to Move.

*2.Cargo trucks allowed to move day and night but must carry only  two people including the driver . Vehicles are allowed to move only by referrals and cleared by the LC to transport patients . 

*3. Boda bodas allowed  to carry only cargo not passengers.  However, Boda Boda’s can carry patients.

*4. Ministry of Gender  directed to quickly assess the needs of all vulnerable groups who will be given food handouts .

*5. Ministry of Health and KCCA to ensure that people who need care are taken care of…RDCs, CAOs and District Health Officers to ensure patients evacuation.

*6. Essential workers’ vehicles cleared to move ( doctors, nurses, media- details of other essential workers will be communicated by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister)

*7.Registered tourist vehicles permitted to transport tourists straight to their destinations.

*8.Curfew time revised back to between 7pm and 5:30am.

*9.Boda bodas to stop operating at 5pm

*10.All institutions of learning remain closed for 42 days. 

*11.Health Ministry directed to strengthen the Village Health Teams for easy referrals and identification( bicycles could be given to them).

*12. Local government Ministry directed to support the District task forces .

*13.Entebbe international Airport remains open with measures to ensure no new covid-19 variants enter Uganda.

*14.Cargo truck drivers at land-border crossings will be tested before they are allowed to move & be followed up at designated Seclusion areas where they will be given their covid results.

*15. Food market vendors to stay at workplaces as was the case in March 2020. Health Ministry directed to provide nets to the vendors . Sharing of rooms is banned.

*16. Kikuubo trading areas banned to stop crowding.

*17. Burials to be restricted to core family members not exceeding 20 people .

*18. Bars , disco halls are banned (URA and sister agencies to work hand in hand to seal off bars  and have owners prosecuted and heavily signed plus cancelling their trading licences.)

19.  Only 10% of workforce to be retained in government ministries , departments and agencies. 

*20. Factories to remain open( workers to sleep at workplaces)

*21. Places of worship remain suspended for 42 days. 

*22.  Sectors  allowed  to continue working; 

Agriculture , industry, cargo transportation, health and medical services, utilities, retail shops ,media.

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