Cabinet has approved a robust roadmap to reduce the number of government agencies to save tax-payers’ money and ensure effective delivery of public service.

The roadmap to be implemented over a  three-year period will see the  reorganization of  a number of ministries and institutions with a view of improving serving delivery, Ms. Judith Nabakooba Minister of Information and National Guidance , has announced  .

When completed, the proposed reorganization of government entities will save government up to 988 billion shillings while at the same time increasing efficiency.  Accordingly , an Inter- Ministerial Technical Committee will be constituted on Government Agencies, Commissions, Authorities and Public Expenditure.

Nabakooba said that a circular will be issued to the Public Service communicating a freeze on the creation of new Agencies, Commissions and Authorities and providing guidance on the management of transition arrangements for Boards and Staff whose contracts expire in due course of rationalization.

“A change Management and Implementation Strategy will be developed  and stakeholder engagement workshops will be conducted to prepare Staff for the new changes, “ she said adding that  a legal framework of the affected Agencies will be reviewed.

Cabinet recommended that an Institutional and Structural Framework including Terms and Conditions of Service of employees  should be reviewed and financial implications established.

“The revised structures of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and financial implications of the rationalization will be presented to Cabinet for approval. The credentials of employees from the affected Agencies that will be absorbed in the mainstream Public Service will be validated,” Information Minister said in a detailed statement.

Nabakooba stressed that all the affected employees  will be compensated and  salary structures for the merged agencies will be harmonized and mainstreamed with Public Service in accordance with the approved pay targets.

The new approved  changes are long overdue with public outcry over a bloated government that takes away a huge a huge chunk of money from the public purse . The proliferation of agencies and boards has also seen public waste in duplication of services and individuals sitting on more than one board .  

These were some of the key campaign issues to woe an angry population that is sick and tied of corruption and waste of government resources on poorly performing entities.

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