Deputy DPP takes charge at DPP’s as Court Outlaws Judges Holding Other Public Offices Without first Quitting Judiciary

In a memo to all staff of the directorate of Public Prosecution, Asst DPP Alice Komuhangi Khauka, writing as Acting DPP, announced that she has taken charge. She does not say until when.The substantive DPP, Jane Frances Abodo, had left Komuhangi in charge when she left office on official duties on March 2nd. 

On 18th March, the constitutional court ruled that judges who are appointed to other public offices will have to quit the judicial service =otherwise all that they do in the new offices will be null and void. Court was ruling on Constitutional Petition number 16 of 2016, which was won by deceased lawyer Bob Kasango who was also awarded costs.

Kasango was protesting being prosecuted on charges sanctioned by then DPP Mike Chibita who had not yet relinquished his status as a judge. While Komuhangi’s holding the office of DPP would not have raised eyebrows as it was handed to her by the DPP as a stand-in, she has invoked the court ruling to announce her status in her memo to staff.

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