Another Security Guard Shoots Two Civilians at Stabex Petrol station in Garuga

By Our Security Reporter

The Police at Entebbe, are investigating an incident of attempted murder that occurred today May 28 at Stabex Petrol Station in Garuga, Entebbe Division. The incident involved individuals employed by SGA Security Company and members of the public. 

“It is alleged that , at approximately 10:20 a.m., a confrontation took place between Buwembo Henry Kasule, a bodaboda rider, and Onwang Nickson, a security officer from SGA Security Company who was on duty regulating parking at the petrol station. During the confrontation, Buwembo Henry Kasule allegedly physically assaulted Onwang Nickson, Luke Owoyesigyire , the Deputy PRO KMP said in a statement .

The shooting comes at a time when owners and managers of Private Security Organisations (PSOs) have been undergoing an intense training to professionalize the private security sector that employees well over 60,000 armed guards . The training was organised by the Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) Chaired by Mr. Grace Mastiko and conducted by the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) at a highly guarded security facility. Sources however, said SGA is not a registered member of TUPSA.

Owoyesigyire explained that in response to the assault, Onwang Nickson,  fired a warning shot which was followed by a shot aimed at Buwembo Henry Kasule’s right thigh. Regrettably, during the shooting incident, a stray bullet also hit Mukooza Charles, who was present at the scene, resulting in an injury to his right shoulder.

The victims, Buwembo Henry Kasule and Mukooza Charles, were immediately provided with first aid and were taken to health facilities for further medical attention.

“The police responded swiftly to the incident, and a team of officers visited the scene. They conducted a thorough investigation at the scene . During the police intervention, the suspect, Onwang Nickson, was safely evacuated from the hostile mob and is currently in custody at Entebbe Police Station. A Rifle, along with three rounds of live ammunition, was recovered from the suspect and has been submitted for analysis,” Police Spokesman stated.

Efforts are underway to retrieve the camera footage from the petrol station’s CCTV system, which will be crucial in further understanding the sequence of events and ensuring a comprehensive investigation.


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