The Government is  now working to enhance the usage of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in national development and services delivery by ensuring that all ministries, departments and local governments digitize their processes and develop solutions such as e-health, e-education, e-extension services to deliver quick and quality services to the Ugandan people , Information  Minister Ms. Judith Nabakooba has said.

Nabakooba who is the cabinet Minister for ICT and National Guidance (NG) made the remarks while officiating at the launch of inclusive digital innovation in agriculture projects.

She however, regretted to note that despite the evident role that technology can play in improving our processes, utilization of ICT services across the country is hampered by limited network coverage, high costs of devices and internet, and inadequate ICT knowledge and skills.

“This is why as a ministry, we are focusing on deployment of secure, integrated and cross sector ICT infrastructure, promotion of innovation and commercialization of ICT products, digital inclusion and digital literacy,” she stated.

Among other ICT undertakings  the ministry  has made significant progress towards the creation of an ICT innovation ecosystem and the development of ICT entrepreneurs. “We are  building ICT innovation hubs and workspaces countrywide to support efforts of  innovators. 

The solutions we have witnessed are just a few examples of how digital technologies can revolutionise agriculture and help farmers and farmer groups access information, wider markets and benefit from efficiencies using simple mobile technologies,” the Minister noted.

Nabakooba was particularly happy that Ugandan financial technology innovators are focusing on agriculture, because digital transformation in this sector does not only benefit the farmers. It also impacts the food security of millions of Ugandans.

The agricultural sector which has previously found it difficult to compete with other tech-savvy industries is now attracting young ICT talent.  “I am hoping that through innovations like these, the younger generation will start to see agriculture as an attractive job sector. “ she said.

She commended UNCDF and the entire development sector for the continued support to the development work in Uganda. 

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