The  Commissioner  General of the  Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) , John R. Musinguzi  has vowed that the  tax body he leads will mobilize enough revenue for national development.

Speaking at the 2020 Taxpayers’ Appreciation Ceremony held on Friday at Mestil Hotel in Kampala, he said , “At  URA,  we  have renewed  our  commitment  to  leading  Uganda to economic  self-sufficiency status  and  we  appeal  to  you  all  our  esteemed  taxpayers  to  commit  to  take  this  journey  with  us.”

“We are deliberately reviewing, reforming, and revamping the way we have been working. A number of initiatives have been implemented to enable us transform the way we work and offer a better service to our clients. Over the years, there has been revenue growth year-on-year and we thank God for this achievement.” 

Despite the enthusiasm exhibited by Musinguzi, the country  still cant fully  fund its national budget meeting only 47% of the national budget requirements. To make matters worse , Uganda ‘s Tax to GDP ratio is still at a paltry 13%. 

This is below the average sub-Saharan African performance of 16%. Organization   of   Economic   Cooperation   and   Development (OECD) average is 34.3%.

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) average is 23.1%.  Morocco, Seychelles,  South Africa  and  Tunisia are  at  more than 25% Tax to GDP ratio.

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