The National Resistance Movement (NRM) delegates from Northern Region ( Lango, Acholi and West Nile )region have endorsed Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga for the position of 2nd National Vice Chairperson Female, Mike Mukula and Sam Engola for National Vice Chairpersons Eastern and Northern regions respectively.

At the same time , the  NRM party  Chairman , President Yoweri Museveni has directed ministry of health to ensure that all people contesting for political offices are tested for COVID-19 before they interact with voters.

As of Saturday, August 01, 2020, Uganda had 1,154 confirmed cases, with 1,028 recoveries and 3 deaths.

Party leaders, who convened at St. Lira Hotel on Saturday, declared that Kadaga , Mukula  and Engola   should retain in their positions in the top leadership of the NRM party because they had performed well.

The delegates  praised Kadaga for championing  women’s rights and their general wellbeing including calling for universal coverage of health for women , girl child education, gender equality interalia.

“Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has proved to be the number one champion of everything that concern women in this country. She has vehemently stood for improvement in the health sector, girl child education, environment and others,” said Alyek Betty from Oyam.

Another delegate from Otuke said that Kadaga’s strong stance for constitutionalism has made it possible for the underprivileged to also access services in the country.

The delegates noted that  Mike Mukula  has been a key pillar the party’s mobilization and recruitment of members across the country thus contributing to the  strength of the  NRM political base more than any other political party in the country .

“Mike Mukula has NRM at heart and has made it his number one job to work towards  strengthening the party support and appeal across the country. We need Mukula like never before,” said Evelyn Odyek from Alebtong district said.

Sam Engola, who was the first politician in Lango to support Movement at the time it was considered a betrayal of former President Milton Obote, was commended as the organic NRM member who should be given more chance to continue steering the party as the National Vice Chairperson Northern.

The showdown for the elections for the top NRM leadership positions is set for this week on Thursday and Friday and everyone in the party is excited to see who will be their top leaders for the next so many years.

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