New Minister Dr. Omona hands-over office to new PPS Gloria Asio Omaswa 

The new Minister of State for Northern Uganda ,Dr. Kenneth Omona Olusegun ,has handed over office to the new Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to the President, Ms. Gloria Asio Omaswa.

The Permanent Secretary- Office of the President, Hajj Yunus Kakande who represented the Minister for Presidency, Hon. Babirye Milly Babalanda presided over the hand over ceremony which was witnessed by the Head of Public Service and Secretary to Cabinet, Ms. Lucy Nakyobe .

“I would like to congratulate Dr. Omona for the elevation he has got to become a minister and having worked closely with the President, that means he has faith and trust in you, otherwise there are many who have left that office and have not been deployed anywhere,” Babalanda said in a statement read for her by Haji Kakande

“I want to congratulate Madam Gloria for being appointed among the many. I advise you that as the PPS you will have to work with all the people who like to associate with the President because he is a man of the people, you should have empathy and work with the team, then I don’t see you failing in the State House. To the Staff of State House, give the new PPS all the support she needs and make her succeedm” she added .

“We have good memories of our colleague Dr. Omona as he leaves us but he has been elevated and he will still be around us. We are also glad that we are receiving a new crop; Madam Asio who is coming in and bringing us a wealth of experience to the public service,” Ms. Nakyobe said.

“At the same time, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations upon the milestone that Dr. Omona has just achieved after being appointed a minister in this government. We pray that the good Lord continues guiding you. In that same vein I want to take this opportunity to thank the President for appreciating your work and elevating you to that position. Let me also warmly welcome the incoming PPS Asio Gloria to this esteemed position and congratulate her upon this big achievement.”

The State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye stated thus : “Dr. Omona took over the office of the PPS in December 2019 for a challenging but at the same time rewarding career.

All these years, he has served with commitment and dedication to H.E the President. It is no surprise that he leaves the Office of the PPS to join the cabinet as a minister. Congratulations Dr. Omona for being elevated to the position of Minister. I thank you for all you have done and I wish you all the best in your new position. We will continue to count on you as a friend and a colleague,” Ms. Barekye noted.

“To the incoming PPS, I wish to congratulate you upon your appointment and we send our warmest welcome to you. You find a team of hardworking men and women; we are excited that you are here. We promise to work with you to ensure that we bring a fresh perspective to this office. State House is a family of highly dedicated individuals who always look forward to serving our President and the nation,” she added.

Ms. Omaswa said ,“I would like to thank the outgoing PPS for the good work you have done to drive the agenda of pushing President Museveni’s vision forward. I look forward to knowing you individually, to working with you and working to develop our nation,” she asserted.

Dr.Omona said ,“My sister Gloria, I want to thank God for you because you have a great opportunity to work with the President. He is such a great man and the State House is such a great institution with very nice people, they will help you to find your footing.

I thank him for this great opportunity he has given me by working very closely with him. It is such a great privilege, I’m forever grateful for this opportunity,” Dr. Omona said.

“The President has been a parent to me, my leader and mentor. If anyone asks me to describe President Museveni, I would say I have been privileged to work with such a rare leader in the world. I’m not God but humanly, I may say that I may never again work very closely with a wise man compared to President Museveni. I’m lucky and privileged to have worked with a man whom I call a philosopher, patriot and a scholar of our history if I may say.”

“Of course, I’m very grateful to all of you here who have helped me do my work well and I request that as I go where I’m going, please continue supporting me and I will support you also. Friends, as I leave today, I leave with a warm heart and gratitude.”

Others who attended among others included , the Senior Presidential Advisor, Economic Affairs, Mr. Stephen Muyingo, Senior Presidential Advisor, Diaspora Unit, Mr. Bagonza Muhammad, Senior Presidential Advisor for Political Mobilisation, Mr. Moses Byaruhanga, Head of State House Anti- Corruption Unit, Brig. Gen. Henry Isoke, State House Chief Transport Officer, Ms. Sheba Kyobutungi.

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