Nabagereka Expected to Clarify on her Twin Daughters

By Our Senior Reporters

Anytime before or during the launch of her book, the Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda is expected to make a clarification over her twin daughters whose mention in media previews has aroused unanswered questions.

A statement by omutaka Kasujju Lubinga, the authority on matters of royal children in Buganda, responding to enquiries by very important people in Buganda issued on Friday clearly indicates that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has never performed any royal rituals on the said children, nor has he performed the balongo (twins) rituals as a Muganda man is expected to. Kasujju Lubinga also states that the last Kabaka who begat twins did so a century ago, being Daudi Chwa in 1925.

In the book Nabagereka very briefly states that she was blessed with the twins but besides giving their birth place and domicile as Kampala, doesn’t divulge any details. 

Palace insiders have however told that the lack of clarity about the twins which has caused anxiety was most probably unintended by the Nabagereka and now she has the opportunity to clarify on their status either before or during the launch.

“She loves her daughters and could not in any way have intended to have the exact nature of their birth become a subject of public debate now that they can understand everything, so she will definitely clear the air before the book enters the market,” said a knowledgeable source.

Omutaka Kasujju Lubinga’s statement is diplomatically worded and avoids appearing to be responding to the Nabagereka’s reporting of her children, but indicates that Kabaka’s biological children get officially introduced to the kingdom. Naginda’s twins never were.

A clarification by the Nabagereka, her office or the kingdom will bring the matter to a close and prevent further speculation and unnecessary rumours.

Nabagereka Sylvia Naginda worked with a Ugandan publisher based in the USA – Dennis Ssempebwa -former member of the famous Limit X gospel group that kept many Ugandans on their toes back in the day to write and publish her book which is rich in detail ever since she got romantically linked to Buganda ‘s much loved King Ronnie .


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