Minister of  Information and  National Guidance , Ms. Judth Nabakooba has called upon the youth to embrace government -economically empowering programs to improve their livelihoods .

“With  many sectors of public life are gradually returning to normal. I call upon the general public especially youth that this is the time to focus on work and income generation”,  Nabakooba said during her weekly address to the media  in Kampala.

She called upon  leaders at all levels – regardless of their political inclinations to embrace the “gospel” of wealth creation.

“It is unfortunate to see elected leaders spending time amplifying social media political lies and rumors. (Emeeli, emotooka). There is a lot of work to be done. For individuals that have a purpose and vision of living a quality life, they cannot be seen spending time promoting fake news. “

The Minister said that government is committed to ensure that everyone  Ugandan especially the youth  are involved in some form of income generating activity. “Given the challenges that were presented by the COVID19 pandemic, we all have an obligation to work a lot harder in order to recover lost time. I therefore call everyone to use there time wisely by tapping into the existing opportunities especially at the subcounty level. Leaders at all levels including the church and cultural institutions should be able to guide   Ugandans to tap into available economic  opportunities ,” she stressed. As the country recovers from a battering Covid -19  global pandemic that has left many dead, schools are set to open in the new month with candidate classes.  The Minister warned the schools authorities and the candidates against  examination cheating

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