If you aren’t in register, you won’t vote- Byabakama

The Electoral Commission Chairman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama Simon, Chairperson, Electoral Commission, has reminded Ugandans that only those who are registered voters and appear on the national voters register will be allowed to vote on January 14, 2021.

While addressing the media , the EC boss stated ,”If your name does not appear on the national voters’ register, ladies and gentlemen, you will not be allowed to vote”.“If a candidate in a race dies, the electoral commission is raked to not only conduct fresh nominations but also print fresh ballots. But those, will be printed here locally,” said Byabakama.

Figures from the Electoral Commission show that the 11th parliament will have a total of 529 MPs the highest number since independence .

At least there are 17.6M registered voters who expected to participate in the polls with 9.2 M of women and 8.4M male representing a 52.2% and 47.7% , respectively .

There will be  146 District Women MPs and  353  elected  Constituency MPs.  The special interest groups will have the Youth MPs 5,Workers’ MPs 5, MPs for PWDs  5,MPs for UPDF. 10 and a new additional special group of  MPs for Elderly  5.

The Electoral Commission will conduct the elections in  146 districts with  353 constituencies, 312 Counties, 2,184 Sub-Counties and 10,595 parishes.

The commission headed by Justice Simon Mugenyi  Byabakama has gazette  34,344 polling stations where Ugandans will exercise their constitutional right to vote for their leaders who will govern the country for the next five years .

The total number of registered voters for the 2020/2021 General Elections is 17,658,527. The number of males is 8,439,564 (or 47.79%) while the number of females is 9,218,963 (or 52.21%), according to the EC Ag. Spokesperson ,Paul Bukenya.

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