Govt issues new tough regulations for public transport in Kampala

As the festive season draws near and in an effort to decongest and restore order on the streets of the Capital Kampala ,the State Minister for Kampala, Mr Kabuye Kyofatogabye, has issued new guidelines geared towards streamlining public transport in the city.

The Minister while addressing the media in Kampala said the new measures are intended to create order and guarantee safety of passengers in Kampala Central Business District.

” All public transport brokers are banned from operating within bus terminals, taxi parks and on the streets; buses and taxis are strictly required to load and off-load passengers from designated terminals and parks, and all public transport booking offices, kiosks and desks operating outside the gazetted parks and bus terminals are banned.

“Bus and taxi park owners are required to arrange a minimum number of guides to direct passengers around the parks, and owners of vehicle must observe rules and have been cautioned against operating without statutory requirements including passenger service vehicle (PSV) licence, route chart and Third Party Insurance.,” the Minister stated .

Kyofatogabye added thus:  “Government has received a number of complaints from bus and taxi operators and the general public [regarding] brokers in public transport who manipulate innocent passengers and extort money from them. We had to come in with the guidelines to restore sanity in the city.”

“Every kiosk around the streets of Ellen Road, Namirembe Road and Mackay Road should be removed by tomorrow (today). All brokers must quit with immediate effect.”

The Minister told the police and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to immediately enforce the new regulations.

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