Demonstrators at International Criminal Court call for prosecution of Sudan’s Burhan

By Our International Correspondents

A demonstration was  organised on October 15th in front of the international criminal court with the presence of more than 100 people who came in solidarity with the people of Sudan and calling the international criminal court to prosecute the regime of Burhan for alleged  crimes against humanity.

A series of influential speakers and organisations took the floor to highlight their commitment to Human rights and their support to the families of the victims in Sudan .Sid Lukkassen ,author ,academic and policy advisor to the European Parliament said ” We are here, together, to make a statement, to make ourselves heard, to create awareness about what happens in Sudan. We are here to make a statement and to raise our voice, so that the innocent will have justice, and the deeds of the guilty are brought to light” .

Aye Kari Soe a human rights activist and European Accredited Lobbyist who founded the Non-Profit Organization, Worldwide Burmese Students,mentioned that she was here to show solidarity with the Sudanese students who were shot Dead while protesting.She added that “We are here today to ask the international criminal court to investigate and prosecute Burhan for his gravest crimes .

Imam Moussa,a representative of the Sudanese diaspora in the Netherlands showed his gratitude towards the European community and organisations who were present to support the Sudanese cause and asked European and international leaders to make an end to the human rights violations that happens everyday in Sudan under the regime of Burhan .

 Ramon Rahangmetan ,the Co-founder & Secretary-Treasurer of Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE) in Brussels, Belgium – one of Europeans leading International non-profit Organizations combining,  facilitating and lobbying for a ‘Top-Down & Bottom-Up’ approach on Sustainable Development reminded us that “in fact, the United States and several European countries have condemned the coup in Sudan and demanded that the military leaders return the power to the civilian Sudanese administration.

 Washington, for example, decided to freeze $700 million in financial assistance to the impoverished and unstable African state.

The coup, which has been widely condemned by the US and international allies, marks a major setback for Sudan’s transition to democracy. It also influenced Washington’s efforts to help stabilize Sudan and rehabilitate it into the global economy. Despite the promising reforms, Sudan remains on a US government blacklist due to the 1989 coup, and will remain there until a democratically elected government takes office in the country.”

Manel Msalmi, International Affairs advisor to Meps at the European Parliament and president of the European Association for The Defense of Minorities highlighted that the European Parliament in January 2022 took a resolution regarding the political Crisis in Sudan and the EU works closely with the UN to guarantee the democratic transition in the country but unfortunately the regime didn’t commit to a peaceful and democratic transition. On the contrary ,they used violence against peaceful protestors ,they restricted freedom of speech by shutting down internet ,persecuting political prisoners and committed unlawful attacks and killings against civilians. For all these reasons ,we hold the regime of Burhan accountable for these crimes against humanity and we ask the international criminal court to prosecute him .

Andy Vermaut, human rights defender, one of the most influential peace activists in Belgium and president of the world Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue stressed the fact that “Thousands of lives have been lost in Sudan as a result of Abdel Fattah al-rule, Burhan’s and this criminal head of state, who organized the last year’s coup in Sudan, should be judged here in the Hague, just like Omar al-Bashir, who, on 11 February 2020, the Sudanese government announced that it had agreed to hand over al-Bashir to the ICC for trial. Al Burhan, a man unconcerned with peaceful coexistence, the benefit of his nation and its people, or cooperation in achieving harmony, has taken over as Sudan’s second dictator, succeeding Omar al-Bashir”

Finally ,Mr Issa Khaled ,head of one the Sudanese opposition movement in The Netherlands stated that the Sudanese people are in need for the International community solidarity and that prosecuting Burhan in the international criminal court is a must after all the crimes committed against civilians, women and political dissidents. We should all call for justice for Sudan .The event ended by handing a letter signed by international human rights organisations to the international criminal court to investigate and prosecute the regime of Burhan responsible for killing hundreds of civilians.

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