Southampton To Earn Big After Promotion To The EPL 

The just concluded championship play-offs that saw Southampton being promoted to the English Premier League after edging rivals Leeds FC , 1-0, is the most lucrative prize fixture in world football according to Deloitte. The championship league is also considered the most difficult to win in world football .

Deloitte indicates the winning side will experience a revenue increase of at least £140million ($178m) over the next three seasons. This boost could exceed £305m if the promoted team avoids relegation after their first season in the Premier League. This analysis includes projected increases in matchday, broadcast, and commercial revenue.

The boost in revenue is largely due to parachute payments.

Parachute payments ensure relegated clubs get 55 per cent of the central distribution that every Premier League club receive in their first season in the EFL, and 45 per cent in year two. Clubs that had been in the Premier League for more than one season qualify for a final payment in year three at 20 per cent.

Both Leeds and Southampton were already receiving parachute payments, which slightly reduces the financial impact of promotion this year. The three relegated clubs all earned nine figures last season, with Southampton (£103.6m), Leeds (£111.m) and Leicester (£114m) earning more than any club did during the 2015-16 Premier League campaign.

Ipswich, who haven’t been in the Premier League since 2001-02, can expect a revenue uplift of at least £200m, as they were not receiving parachute payments.

All of the promoted sides from the 2022-23 Championship campaign, Luton Town, Burnley and Sheffield United, were relegated from the top flight this season. All three clubs will receive parachute payments.


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