Prof. Ogwang Engeu Patrict’s Covidex herbal medicine which he says is effective in reversing the effects of Covid-19 virus  in  the human body is now available in various pharmacies across the country as Ugandans battle the rampaging pandemic that has left close to 600 Ugandans dead.

Sources say that , now Prof Ogwang has been cleared to produce  Covidex in large quantities after many people claimed to have been cured by the herbal mixture . More than 15 pharmacies in Kampala have  Covidex  in stock and each bottle goes for  Ug.shs. 10,000 up from Ug.Shs.7,000 a month ago.

With the developed world locking out the rest of the poor nations from accessing their vaccines and medicines for Covid-19 , President Museveni has come out to say that Uganda and Africa shall developed their own vaccines and medicines to treat people against the deadly virus .  

Prof. Ogwang Engeu Patrick is a professor of pharmacy at Mbarara University of Science and  Technology Uganda.  He trained as a pharmacist and a pharmacologist  with PhD.   He says that his research focus is on testing, developing and producing medicines from plants based on traditional medicine knowledge and scientific laboratory evidence.

“ I have developed  a number of effective medicines including Artavol and Artavoplus for malaria prevention and  immune system strength, jenacof for coughs and flue, Jenacid and Jenapep for peptic ulcers, Jena Dm for diabetes, Jena HT for high blood pressure, Jena Sm for sickle cell disease among  others all made from medicinal plants,” Prof Ogwang says.   He explained that last year when Covid reached Uganda he decided to redesign and repurpose one  of his herbal products which  initially was for toothache and mouth hygiene for  use in Covid 19  because of the strong antiviral effects of the medicinal plants extracts in it.

  “ Last year around December two of my colleagues in the university got severe Covid with one  admitted in hospital and put on oxygen. I gave them the formula which I call covidex and  in three days   of use they greatly improved and became negative.   “This year petronella called me about a colleague who was on oxygen due to covid and she  requested for my help. I gave her six bottles which the patient  took and again in three days improved and  was put off oxygen -later tested negative and was discharged.’ Prof Ogwang added.

 Prof . Ogwang says last month he decided to study the product more and found a compound  that is scientifically  proven as able to kill corona virus in  laboratory test tubes. “ With increasing cases of covid.

I started getting many people calling for a solution from me.  I then began large scale production and many Ugandans are benefitting now.  I will share messages from clients. So even though we are still carrying out more tests -we now know that covidex has a natural compound that stops corona virus from multiplying,” the Ugandan Prof asserted .

  Prof. Ogwang’s statements about his “magic cure” for Covid-19 has since gone viral and Ugandans  rushed to pharmacies to buy the herbal.  


0701040429(Ms Janat)2•JIMSAR PHARMACY KYEBANDO3•CLOUDS PHARMACY KYEBANDO – 0758535258 – Mr Mansur4•MWIRU PHARMACY KAJJANSI – 0705417442 – Mwiru Pharmacy Line5•FAYETTE PHARMACY BAYITA ABABIRI – 0704555986 – Fayette pharm line6•LITIS PHARMACY BAYITA ABABIRI -0781822382/0700869575 – Ms Lilian7•ALOESHA ORGANIC BOMBO RD SURE HOUSE-0704741942 – Hajjat Aisha Nakasujja8•OLIVE PHARMACY KAMPALA KOOKI TOWER- 0772446366 – Dr Hillary9•EXTRA CARE GAYAZA-0775152851/0759445648 – Dr Gonsha10•HAWA PHARMACY ENTEBBE – 0701457183/0772457183 – Dr Zaina11•ROMARO PHARMACY KASANGATI0751510108 – Miss Racheal12•MM PHARMACY WANDEGEYA – 13•GASO PHARMACY SALAAMA RD – 0753184344 – Mr Karim14• @⁨+256 782 427914⁩ Covidex is available at Spring pharmacy on Wilson Road. Its just behind former Pioneer mall.
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