Petroleum Authority of Uganda launches e-work permit system for oil and gas sector

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) has unveiled the E-Work Permit Recommendations System (EWPRS). which is aimed at streamlining the process of recommending and approving work permits for both local and international investors in the industry.

PAU Board Chairperson, Jane Mulemwa, said : ““The E-Work Permit Recommendations System will not only expedite the approval of work permits but will also enhance transparency in attracting expatriates. This, in turn, will contribute to the crucial transfer of knowledge to our local actors.”

So far Uganda’s oil and gas industry is growing at terrific speed with some 500 expatriates and 12,000 local actors registered between 2017 and 2023.

Jane Ahebwa, Director of Economic and National Content Monitoring at PAU, highlighted the significance of the online system in enforcing industry standards.

“The E-Work Permit Recommendations System will be a game-changer, ensuring that both expatriates and local actors adhere to the stringent requirements set for the sector,” she said

Ahebwa explained hat the manual system will be phased out early next year, marking a decisive shift towards the fully digitalized process. The final integration with the immigration department is expected to further enhance the system’s efficiency.


In the coming months, stakeholders in the oil and gas industry will witness a seamless transition to the new online system, marking a pivotal moment in the sector’s pursuit of excellence and international best practices

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