Buganda ‘s reigning monarch Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II has returned home after a medical check-up in Germany and other official duties inn Europe , Kingdom Prime Minister Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has revealed .

The Kattikiro said in a tweet that Kabaka Mutebi returned in the wee hours of Saturday and he is reigning over his kingdom. “Ssabasajja Kabaka returned from abroad, he is healthy and reigning over his Kingdom,” Mayiga revealed.

The Kabaka flew out of the country, via Dutch national airliner, KLM, to Germany for medical check up.

According to Mayiga the Kabaka had used the trip to Europe meet with several Buganda development partners in various European states including the Netherlands. The kingdom has since postponed the annual Kabaka’s birthday run that was slated for last month .

Mayiga said the celebrations will be held ‘sometime in May’ when the Kabaka is available to oversee the run and all activities in the kingdom.

It remains to be seen whether the run will be held now that the Kabaka is back in the country.

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