From Passion to Profession; A Ugandan scaling the heights in USA

Q. Who is Kamuhangi?

Celine Kamuhangi is my name. I’m a Ugandan, born and raised, but based in LA. I’m a content creator, I curate/choreograph dance content. I’m also in the event scene where I curate and manage events. If you’re a brand manager out there looking for a unique influencer that combines Instagram with events, look no further!

Q. How did you start your dancing gig?

My love for dance started with my parents especially my mother. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember. I was always part of dance clubs through out school and started choreographing for the Afro dance group “Panthers” at the University I attended. I never looked at dance as a career but “God did!”

Long story short after a lot of convincing from my sister and friends, I took the leap and posted my first dance video and that video went viral. The video got 300k views on my page but was also reposted by multiple media accounts. I love everything African which is why I mainly dance to Afrobeat and Amapiano. I’m an African Music Ambassador.

C. Was this a dream you heard? If not, how did this start? 

I dreamt of being in the spaces I now occupy but I wouldn’t say I dreamt of being a dancer necessarily. I always thought I’d be  behind the cameras more on the production and marketing side of things but God had other plans. 

D. What inspired you to start on this IG journey ? 

I’m a digital marketer. When I started, I was using my self/ account as a guinea pig, trying to learn and understand Instagram and it’s algorithm for my clients; tested out a couple of niches and my first dance video did extremely well with people asking for more. I was also very aware I didn’t look like the typical dancer because of my weight, which was something that had kept me from sharing my love for dance with the world for a long time. Dance to me is therapy, a way for me to express myself, relieve myself and be myself. 

E. What has been your biggest surprise on this journey? 

How quickly I’ve grown and the love and support I’ve received. I never thought I’d garner this much attention, inspire or have people look up to me.

F.Where do you see yourself in the next five years on this journey?

Thriving Period. In all seriousness, I see myself choreographing the biggest animations on your screens and working on my own brand. In the very near future I aspire to work in collaboration with my favorite brands such as Coca-Cola diet to be specific. Those are just a couple  of my personal career goals. I’ve been extremely blessed.   I have managed to convert my passion into dollars and would love to share that with creatives, especially Ugandan creatives. As well as so many other passion projects I’m excited to bring to life. One thing I’m certain of is I’ll still be dancing.

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