Energy Minister commissions Rural Electrification Project in Luuka and Moroto districts

By Sierra Ruth Arinaitwe

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa has officially commissioned the Uganda Rural Electrification Access project (UREAP) in Luuka and Moroto districts.

This was during a ministerial visit to eastern and north eastern Uganda for the electricity supply industry tour on which she was accompanied by Hon. Opolot Okaasai, the State Minister for Energy and officials from the various ministry’s agencies and departments.

While launching the UREAP, Nankabirwa noted that this last mile connection component which targets over 87,500 new consumers was made possible with support from development partners such as the African Development Bank (AfDB), European Union (EU) and Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

“The Government of Uganda procured connection materials to support over 13 rural electrification projects which are geared towards servicing households, public infrastructure services, small and medium scale enterprises in Uganda,” Nankabirwa said.

Hon. Opolot Okaasai cautioned the communities to use the electricity properly to enable stimulation of industrialization, creation of jobs, improvement of livelihoods and enhancement of social services provision in their areas.

During the launch, Nankabirwa also officially handed over the connection materials to the service providers to begin connecting the communities to power. In Luuka District, the minister handed over the connection materials to UMEME Limited whereas in Moroto District, the materials were handed over to Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL).

She encouraged people to wire their houses using certified electritrians who provide a wiring certificate upon completion and thereafter submit applications for connection at the area office of the respective electricity distribution company.

“You are only required to pay inspection fees of UGX 20,000 to facilitate inspection of house wiring to ensure it is well done. If the house passes the inspection, an electricity connection will be provided without any additional charge,” Nankabirwa said.

The minister and service providers further warned communities against siphoning fuel from transformers and vandalism of electricity materials such as connection wires which are usually sold as scrap. Nankabirwa promised to present to the cabinet a policy governing the buying and selling of scarp as a means of curbing vandalism of electricity wires.

The ministerial team inspected various installations including Isimba Hydro Power Plant, Tororo solar power plant, transmission lines of Tororo-Mbale-Soroti, Opuyo sub station and Moroto substation.

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